Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Hey, Mixon, go to hell!

I served for four years in the US Army as a grunt. I found that officers, especially those above the rank of 1st LT were so arrogant that they exuded their arrogance through their pores. I saw recently a LtGen Benjamin Mixon going on about how the don’t ask-don’t tell policy should be repealed and the homosexuals in the military should be discharged. Well, I’m neither gay, nor was I an officer, but I met men (and a few women), I’m sure who were. Big deal! They went to West Point. Had college degrees. They weren’t morons. They took care of their men. And they weren’t a-holes. What’s your beef, Mixon? Not getting hit on by those officers you helped “up the ladder”?

You, Sir, are an embarrassment to the current military and a throw-back to days when “men were men” and you were comfortable showering in the jungles of Vietnam with men you really knew nothing about. Ignorant. Just plain stupid. An arrogance that probably permeates your family – well, your son, if you have one. may be gay. Does that make him ineligible to serve this country? How many homosexuals do you think are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan? Pull them out and see if we can “maintain”. You’re an idiot and, like all idiots before you, you’ll be a blip in the Army’s career soldier’s book, dead and gone, with a bad name left for you and the future Mixon soldiers.


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